It is unnerving to get stuck on the side of the road when your vehicle unexpectedly stops working. Sometimes, the problem can’t be diagnosed or fixed immediately. In these cases, it is safer to call a specialized towing and roadside assistance provider who can repair the vehicle or tow it to the nearest mechanic shop. If you are stuck on the side of the road and your insurance company is unable to find a service provider for you, you may be stranded for hours. This is why you may have to find and hire your own service provider. It is important to choose a towing company that is
reliable and will safely transport your vehicle.

The following are some vehicle problems which may force you to call a towing company.

Engine Failure
Make sure no check engine light is on before starting on your car journey. It is important to constantly check coolant and engine oil levels. Low engine oil levels can lead to the engine overheating and possibly failing. If your engine fails or stalls, you will need to call a reliable towing company to tow your vehicle to a mechanic shop near you.

Car Accident
Even if you are a defensive driver, there is still a chance you may get into an accident at some point. Do not drive your vehicle after getting into an accident. First, inspect the vehicle and survey the extent of the damage. If your vehicle is unsafe to drive, give Titan Towing and Roadside Assistance a call at (833) 717-3200.

Running Out of Fuel
Another reason you may need a towing service, is because your vehicle is out of fuel. This can be due to a leaking fuel pipe or not having enough fuel to get to your destination. Not only does Titan Towing and Roadside Assistance deliver fuel, we can also tow a vehicle to a nearby mechanic shop where they can repair the leaking fuel pipe.

Flat Tire
If your tire blows out or goes flat for any other reason, Titan Towing and Roadside Assistance can change your spare tire or tow you to a tire shop.

Our company provides many services, ranging from semi-truck, car, and motorcycle towing to fuel deliveries, winch-outs, jump-starts, tire changes, and lockouts. If you are in need of any of these services, give Titan Towing and Roadside Assistance a call at (833) 717-3200.